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You can always find someone on the ‘other side’ that’s made their business a success, but you don’t usually get to experience their story along the journey to get there.  With this blog, my goal is to be as transparent as possible with everything I do daily to create a business from an idea.

I will share my daily rituals, strategies and education – it’s all here for you to see – my successes & my failures. If you’ve already built your business, share some of your story with us. 

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There is no one better at getting to the heart of the matter. Audra can see the issues and cut to the chase with pitch perfect solutions. Listen up or perish! Perry Lawrence

VP Marketing, DLR+


I am a H2O-obsessed healer n thrill seeker who believes in art of butterfly chasing. Otherwise known as CEO of Reviews.Today

  • Expert Business Strategist
  • Master Practitioner in NLP
  • Lover of Personal and Professional Development
  • Just a girl on a mission to help other entrepreneurs

An expert business strategist, who’s gained vital experience and knowledge as the founder of solo and cooperative ventures including real estate, retail and marketing services companies which experienced early success and rapid, sustained growth.

Her most recent endeavor before Innov8 was creating the Reviews.Today, a repository of marketing product reviews, jobs, price comparisons, free software downloads, and how to’s. A devoted believer in personal and professional growth and development, she’s learned business strategies and tactics on the front lines, not sitting behind a desk or in a stuffy board room.

Audra’s familiarity with the many advantages of the Internet has been strengthened by her fundamental expertise in social media marketing, and using this relatively new medium to reach a wide variety of audiences – from the burgeoning millennials to the constantly challenging – and changing – baby boomers. Audra currently enjoys focusing on sharing Reviews.Today with other entrepreneurs, speaking and working on her first book called ‘Autodidact, Lessons in Self Learning’.

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rev|to is the premier destination for online marketing product reviews, resources, price comparisons, how-to’s, videos, and podcasts. Reviews.Today shows you the exciting possibilities of how online marketing can grow your brand and product reach. We provide you with information, tools, and advice that helps you decide what products you need to get the best results from your marketing efforts online.



Social Marketing Center

The information we’ve gathered here, including articles, videos, podcasts, and links to other resources, will introduce a variety of entrepreneurs to the multitude of business and marketing possibilities not only online, but offline as well.  In doing so we work to assist you in building strong, lasting relationships with your audience. The Social Marketing Center is now known as Reviews.Today.


Whether you are a solopreneur, entrepreneur, small business owner, or captain of industry, What’s The Story will enlighten and inspire you towards more effective communications with your audience. Each week Perry Lawrence and Audra Carpenter will show you how to create your own story and provide examples of some of the best stories out there. You can find them in iTunes, Soundcloud and on rev|to.

Multi Channel Network

Whether you are a small business, community group, entrepreneur or large corporation, we all have a message to tell. That’s where Zindo comes in. Zindo helps people get their message out. We take your story and spread the word to like minded people and companies. Your story is amazing! Everyone should have a chance to hear it. We make sure you shine as the hero of your own story. Genuine, authentic, and relatable.

Audra has a complete grasp of all the tools that are integral to modern digital and social media marketing, and she’s grounded in solid marketing principles. Every single time I’ve asked her about a marketing approach, or some sort of web based tool, she always points me in the right direction. Larry Becker

Business Video Consultant

A true entrepreneur & business professional, Audra consistently demonstrates herself to be an invaluable resource for starting, growing or improving any business. Her attention to detail is only rivaled by her pursuit to adapt & adopt the best practices for executing proven strategies, systems and tools. Luke Harlan

CEO, Marketing Strategist , Aspire Unlimited Inc.

Audra is a true pioneer in marketing and strategy. She brings great perspective and impressive concepts, which seem like they come to her with ease. Her methods are contagious and have helped mold and direct me in my future endeavors.

Ramin Nazemian

Client Management

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     We control our thinking. Our thinking controls our behavior and our behavior controls our results.  

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